About us

The aim and mission statement adopted by Insurance Bootcamp
A handing down of practical skills to financial advisors and insurance practitioners.

Where it all began
The first Insurance Bootcamp seminar was held in 2010 after which a founding committee was formed between RISKAFRICA Magazine, IICoGH and FIA. The committee identified the importance of up-skilling younger members of the industry and decided to utilise the expertise of the senior members to impart their knowledge on the next generation.

We ran a pilot of six seminars in Cape Town and in April 2012 we saw the roll-out of these seminars to Durban and Johannesburg. In the process we have gathered the support of the IISA and the local associations and institutes in each region (i.e. IIG, FIA Johannesburg, IIKZN and FIA Durban).
There has been a high level of commitment and synergy between the founding parties and Insurance Bootcamp’s success can be attributed to the passion and energy that each party brings to it.

The current Insurance Bootcamp Committee
James Peters –IICoGH
Donna Muller – IICoGH
Riaan Geldenhuys – FIA
Johan Heymans – FIA
Tim Timmerman – FIA
Andy Mark – RISKAFRICA Magazine
Michael Kaufmann – RISKAFRICA Magazine
Riccardo Raciti – RISKAFRICA Magazine
Lauren Artus – RISKAFRICA Magazine

The format of Insurance Bootcamp seminars
We have tried various methods of presentation, but it has been generally accepted that the current format, with a panel consisting of experts from the various arms of the insurance industry, viz; broker, insurer, loss adjuster / attorney was the most successful.

We ask that our speakers address case studies relevant to the topic and invite delegates to get involved in an open discussion.